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For a more walkable, bikeable community


In late 2018, the City asked for input from the community on walking and biking needs and concerns. Opportunities for the public to participate included an online survey, a pinnable map and tabling or presentations at numerous events. The City and its consultants will use the input to develop recommendations and propose projects to improve walking and biking conditions.


This report establishes the planning context surrounding non-motorized transportation in Daly City and provides key insights into the local walking and bicycling experience. The report describes relevant local issues and topics such as key destinations, existing pedestrian and bicycle facilities, traffic collisions and related plans and studies.

Equity and public health analyses

One of the first tasks under the Walk Bike Daly City project was the development of equity and public health analyses of the city’s population. The equity analysis is relevant because certain populations have been marginalized to varying extents by society’s over-reliance on cars, and some depend disproportionately on walking or biking for transportation.


The public health analysis is also relevant: as some of the most accessible forms of physical activity; walking and biking bring many health benefits to individuals and to society. Click below to read the analyses.

Interested in other projects going on in Daly City? The Park and Open Space Master Plan is currently underway. Click here to participate and follow along.